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ADAM MARSHALL "Live at DEMF Reconstructed"

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  • 2007年5月12日 17:27
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Live at DEMF Reconstructed

ディスクユニオン  CISCO RECORDSにて発売中

01.Take{0} 02.Take{1} 03.Take{2} 04.Take{3} 05.Take{4} 06.Take{5} 07.Take{6}
08.Take{7} 09.Take{8} 10.Take{9} 11.Take{A} 12.Take{B} 13.Take{C} 14.Take{D}

AM Live at DEMF Reconstructed.mp3
AM Maximal DJmix.mp3 | AM I am Flash DJmix.mp3

All Music Written & Produced by ADAM MARSHALL, Copyright Control 2007


Original Live Recorded at Detroit's Electronic Music Festival 27th May 2006
Re-Edited, Re-Mixed and Mastering by Adam Marshall Artwork by Banana Co.

P&C REALJO[K]E Recordings 2007 - All Rights Reserved
realjoker@hotmail.co.jp http://realjoker.or.tp +81 3 34 58 32 50
This product is limited 100 hand-made press and only for Nippon.

Real and Joke go hand in hand.

Home > art-work > ADAM MARSHALL "Live at DEMF Reconstructed"


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