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REYNOLD "Live in Kyoto Reconstructed"

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  • 2008年2月25日 15:05
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Live in Kyoto Reconstructed

ディスクユニオン  CISCO RECORDSにて発売中

1.{0:00} 2.{1:04} 3.{6:59} 4.{15:00} 5.{19:54} 6.{23:21} 7.{29:27} 8.{39:15} 9.{44:04} 10.{50:59} 11.{56:53}

All Music Written & Produced by Sam Rouanet
Copyright Control 2007

Original Live Recorded in Club Metro 11.10.2007
Additional Sound Edit in Trenton Studio by Reynold.
Mastering and Digital Noise Repair by RealJoker Artwork by Banana Co.

P&C REALJO[K]E Recordings 2008 - All Rights Reserved


This product is limited 100 hand-made press and only for Nippon.

Real Special Thanks to
Club Metro in Kyoto, Luke le Mans, Yusuke Nayuki and Eiji Fukuda
for making this happen and their support for my music.

Real Thanks to
Dave Twomey, Ric, Bradly for bringing me to Japan several time alongside with Luke and Eiji,
people always makes Japan being an unforgivable experience : Luke & Hiromi, Yang, Pia and Fabien,
people I love : my parents, my sister, Clara, Ced,
my homies : James Berk, Jeff Samuel, Roberta, Daniel.fx, Touane, Stewart Walker, Till von Sein.

RealJoker fakes your real camouflage heart.

Home > art-work > REYNOLD "Live in Kyoto Reconstructed"


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