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  • 2008年3月 2日 15:50
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character pieces
MARCH 2 - MARCH 8, 2008

Character Pieces is 3 short experimental works
united by their attempt to strip performance of
anything safe, pleasant, or agreed-upon.

Character Pieces is a triptych: “My Life”, “This Town” and “Meet the Family”.
Performed in their first incarnation in August 2007,
this is the second version of the project.

To be performed in Tokyo,
as showcase events for the
Tokyo Performing Arts Market (TPAM).
Tickets available after Feb 23rd.
Click here to make a reservation.
Click here for directions.

∞∞∞ My Life
Monday March 3 at 9pm
Tuesday March 4 at 9pm
Saturday March 8 at 9pm
in a skanky conference room in Takadanobaba

∞∞∞ This Town
Sunday March 2 at 7pm
Wednesday March 5 at 8pm
Thursday March 6 at 8pm
at Town Hall, Shimokita

∞∞∞ Meet the Family
Thursday March 6 at 3pm
Friday March 7 at 4pm
Saturday March 8 at 12:30pm
in a love hotel in Gotanda

flyer artwork : banana co.

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